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Swimming In Nebraska  Image © Jon Jost

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January 17, 2009


I’m in a workaholic mood and am busy editing.  Firstly on SWIMMING IN NEBRASKA, a work shot in Lincoln Nebraska in 2006, with friends and acquaintances there.   It will be a kind of counterpoint to the presumed provincialism of such places, which begets quizzical looks and questions like, Lincoln Nebraska, why’d you live there?  I suspect that we landed there in part because Dan Ladely at the Ross Media Center, who arranged the artist’s residency I was on, knew that I didn’t have such a view about the mid-west and would happily spend some time there.  Which we did, and it was indeed a fruitful and enjoyable time...


And while in Lincoln, meeting people and making new friends, SWIMMING IN NEBRASKA developed.  I imagine it will be a kind of essay, obliquely, by way of showing just a sliver of what is in Nebraska offering a critique of those who imagine it to be nothing - a bland if long drive on Interstate 80, or a distant patchwork missed while flying over.


I’m hoping to nudge this one to completion by the time teaching starts again March 1.  Or at least be real close to finished.

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Swimming In Nebraska  Image © Jon Jost


Swimming In Nebraska  Image © Jon Jost



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